"It. Sel. brood bitch FTW Cay'lox Golden R-Evolution Sugilite"


  • D.o.b. 03/09/2017
  • Sir: Soinneanta Finnegan
  • Dam: Cay'lox Chrisanthem Lysben
  • Pedigree: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=875483
  • Registration n.: LO1828592
  • Microchip: 276098007189623
  • HD: FCI B; BVA 3-4
  • ED: FCI 0; BVA 0
  • Eye: ECVO clear 01/2021
  • Hearth: FSA clear 12/2018
  • Dentition: complete, pincer
  • prcd-PRA: LABOKLIN clear
  • PRA1: LABOKLIN clear
  • PRA2: LABOKLIN clear
  • Ichthyosis: LABOKLIN clear
  • DM: LABOKLIN clear
  • Field Trail results: 3° Ecc. FT Novice, 17/11/2019 Barberino del Mugello (IT); 1° Ecc. CAC FT Novice, 30/11/2019 Capolona (IT)
  • Working Test results: 1° WT Beginner class, 17/03/2019 Cressa (IT); 3° Very Good Open Dummy Trail, 13/09/2020 Capolona (IT) 
  • Show result: 1° Very Goog IDS Special Golden, 03/10/2020 Orvieto (IT)  


About EVY

It is not at all easy for me to describe EVY without risking to appear too emotionally involved: it was immediately magic between us, since the very first sight! 

I will therefore try to be as objective as possible, always keeping in mind the words that Prof. Reneiri of the University of Camerino, said on my first day of university lesson: "If you want to be a good breeder, you should NEVER fall in love with your dogs!”

EVY did not come into my life by chance: I have been looking for a dog like her for 10 years. 

Oliver Kiraly, in his book "The Balance", describes very well the characteristics that a good Retriever must have: EVY has them all! 

She is steady, very calm and quiet, but always focused on everything going on around us; when she realises it is not yet her turn, she lies down. But at the moment of sending her off to retrieve, she sets off at great speed, so much so that she leaves stunned those who have seen her lying at my feet calmly and peacefully just before. 

She is very cooperative, and her great will to please, makes her easy to handle, even at a great distance (over 200 m); she holds the line well, even during changes of terrain, unless there is a strong wind: in that case, she tends to open a little, to take advantage of the wind to hunt. 

EVY has a very good nose, which she uses well in all types of terrain: it is very nice to watch her hunt in the woods or in dirty ground, because she scrupulously searches in the indicated hunting area. 

She is very determined in following the trail left by a wounded game: this makes her a very reliable Retriever indeed. You can always count on her to return with a game in her mouth! 

She is soft-mouthed and will not chase the wild animal that wanders in or darts in front of her, whether it is a hare or a roe deer.

She is not afraid of any kind of surmountable obstacle, natural or artificial, and tackles all kinds of terrain with determination; she does not like nettles, and prefers to avoid them if she can! 

Of course she loves to swim, but the sight of water does not make her nervous or excited enough to ruin her steadiness. 

In everyday life, she is an excellent companion: friendly and clever, she is very sweet and loves cuddles.  When I am sitting on the sofa, as I am writing these lines at the moment, she lies at my feet, belly up, with her front paws touching my legs. She could spend hours in this position! 

EVY really likes to lick my hands, and she gives her paw as a contact. 

But she is not insistent: she stays by my side without asking for my attention. 

She is naturally cautious and gentle with children, just as she is sociable and open with people. She signals the presence of strangers in our territory by barking, but of course she immediately welcomes guests with a lot of tail wagging and licking. 

EVY is very well-balanced with the other dogs: with a stable temperament, she acts as a confident dog, but never as a bad-tempered one. 

She is gentle and playful with puppies, but always ready to stop the impetuousness typical of the young dogs.

EVY and I are having a great time together, in training, hunting, competitions and in everyday life. 

EVY is my once in a lifetime dog!

Eleonora Peruzzi Bartolini